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Your style your choice

So you have decided to upgrade or add value to your home or maybe you are finishing off a newly built home.

It's time to think about what surface finish you would like. As with most things in life we have a choice here and a large choice it is. Today I just want to discuss the types of finishes in later blogs I will go into detail about specifics within each surface type.

First lets start with solid surfaces, these include paving and concrete.

With paving their are many choices and the type you choose will be based on your likes or design style and also your budget (another very important issue when it comes to setting out your landscape). The other main option is concrete, again with concrete we have a plethora of options that can be stylish.

Our third option is timber decking, this option is mostly used by people who are looking to gain a softer finish to their garden.

When it comes to pervious solutions (anything that absorbs rainwater), we are again left with many choices the main ones being turf, pebbles/toppings and permeable paving.

Turf we know is popular when it comes to larger gardens and can be useful in small gardens for those who want a soft finish.

Pebbles are a very versatile material that can be used in driveways, along sideways as a cheaper option to concreting, they can also be used for areas where you want to put a table and chairs.

The last thought for permeable surface would be to use a permeable paver, these come in different forms but the main reason for using these are to have water naturally go into the soil, great for use around large trees where a driveway may go close to the root system. Another reason might be to be able to have a green space that can also be used to park a car if necessary.

As you can see we have only just touched on the main options today and within these options there are a number of solutions. We you are looking to redo your garden whether starting from scratch or working within your existing speaking with a specialist and understanding your own needs and wants (including your budget) is your first step.

I look forward to sharing my insights and knowing with you on paver types in my next blog.

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